20 Questions

20 Questions is a fusion of dance, candid interviews and seamlessly integrated film, featuring a 40 strong intergenerational cast of local people. The performance is a glorious snapshot of humanity as the audience watches the answers to 20 questions and understands the differences between our dancers and everything that universally binds us together.

20 Questions is an entirely bespoke project and can be tailored to meet the audience development needs of your organisation. We need you to provide us with some participants and then we do the rest and make a beautiful show which is completely unique to and representative of your venue.

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20 Questions

Makes you consider yourself as a unique individual and the importance of it

Audience Member

Show pack details

Running time

50 min


Helen Dawson

Numbers on the road




Lighting design

Ed Yetton

Photo credit

Danilo Moroni



Nov 2019 - Dec 2020


Requires 4 individuals and 2 small community groups as selected by the venue. Premiere: June 2017 Jerwood Dancehouse Ipswich.


January 2016

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